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 Alexiahunter Test Results

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PostSubject: Alexiahunter Test Results   Tue Feb 19, 2013 11:23 pm

Match: 0/10
Did the testee win any of the duels?
0/10 For no wins
5/10 For one win
10/10 For a complete victory

Single: 0/10
0/10 For losing
10/10 For winning

Deck: 30/40
How well was the deck built? The testee gains 40 points for having a well built and consistent deck that is able to pull off combos. -10 points for having 50 cards in a deck, and deduct -2 points for each number of card past 50.

Performance: 40/40
Did the testee duel well? They gain points for how well they dueled and how well they know the rulings. If they cheat then they have a point penalty. Points will also be given based on how well they use a card.

Bonus: 5/5
3/3 Points for changing decks between the single and match
0/3 Points for not changing decks.
2/2 Points for a positive attitude and not rage quitting

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Alexiahunter Test Results
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