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 RDA Rules (Must Read)

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RDA Rules (Must Read) Empty
PostSubject: RDA Rules (Must Read)   RDA Rules (Must Read) EmptySat Feb 23, 2013 12:19 am

These are the rules that you must follow or will be punished for ignoring them.

-No double posting in the topics
-No cursing
-No arguing with staff
-Respect your classmates and peers
-If you continue to break the rules after the second warning, it will be counted as a one day ban
-If you continue to break the rules after the one day ban, it will be count as a three day ban
-Continuing to break the rules after a three day ban will count as an IP ban
-Do not spam (Such as posts with only one word)
-You cannot have more than one account. Second time you are found with a second account will count as both accounts being IP banned.
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RDA Rules (Must Read)
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